Minutes: December 18, 2017

Minutes: December 18, 2017

Minutes of the
December 18, 2017 6:30 PM-8:30PM
David Park Community Center
108 N 33rd Ct, Hollywood, FL 33021

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 PM at the David Park Community Center

1) ROLL CALL – Board members present were:
Charles Flaxman – by phone.
Keith Kotrady
Andrew Cagnetta
Robert Posner
Other people – Karen Lieberman, Attorney, Jamie Cole, Attorney, Barry Faske, Public

Sandra Einhorn – Absent

2) Approval of the minutes – Andrew Cagnetta makes a motion, Robert Posner second. Approved unanimously.

3) Procedures Memo – Draft Document provided. Discussed registered agent. It will be Karen Lieberman, Weiss Serota address. Motion by Keith Kotrady second by Andrew Cagnetta. Approved unanimously.

4) Weiss Serota Contract – Circulated the contract.

5) Submitting Form 1 – Reminder to send in the Form 1 disclosure immediately.

6) Discussing the Budget – Various security discussions. Keith working on vehicle, talked to a city official. Waiting on Carol to return. Spoke about working with HPD to understand who and what the charges will be moving forward. Sent Keith a proposal we got from Allied. Keith discussed getting grants.

7) Agenda items and agenda to be sent by Charlie. To be determined at the end of the meeting prior. Additional items can be sent to Karen.

8) Andy will take the lead to register the district with the state.

9) Community relations – Hand deliver letters discussed?

10) Billing and funds discussion. Andy to open new account at Wells Fargo. Board will accept contribution from EH Billing.

11) Legal issues. Revenue and budget issues reviewed. Insurance issues discussed.

12) Follow up items – Keith- will obtain three competitive bids for security services- one will be from HPD and two will be from private entities and report back at the next meeting.

Sandra-continue to research insurance issues and report back at the next meeting.

Andy- open bank account with Wells Fargo, file documents with the State and will inquire regarding the billing issue.

Rob-will check the availability of Oak Lake for the 1/2/18 meeting and if unavailable find an available location, and work on a welcome packet.

Charles will prepare the agendas and forward to the City Clerk’s office.

Karen-research budget and finance issues and report back at the next meeting.

13) Public Comments – Barry stated he was happy with the process and representation.

14) Adjourn – The meeting adjourned at 8:12PM.



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