About Us

About Us

About the Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District

The Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District was established on August 30, 2017, by City Ordinance 2017-13 pursuant to F.S. Chapter 189.

Please be aware that this safety measure applies only to the following district areas. Here is a complete copy of the ordinance O-2017-13

The Ordinance was renewed in April of 2020 for seven years.   Here is a copy of the signed ordinance.  Ord O-2020-06 -signed

Due to an increase of criminal activity in the city of Hollywood, especially in the Emerald Hills neighborhood, a group of concerned citizens that had previously facilitated the hiring of a private patrol for the neighborhood began working with the city to implement a fair share approach to the extra patrol all residents were receiving the benefit of. After 8 years of a private patrol which a portion of the residents paid for, the City agreed to create a Special Taxing District and create The District.

The District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors elected by City of Hollywood commission. The District may impose and levy an assessment on each property located with the District at a rate of no more than $250 annually per property. All property owners within the District will be subject to the annual assessments which will appear on the tax bill. The District utilizes the Broward County Tax Collector to collect this assessment. The annual assessments appear in the non-ad valorem section of the property tax bill. Funds from the assessments will pay for the following:

  • The operation and maintenance of the District, including all legal and municipal laws and regulations
  • Roving safety patrol within the boundaries of the District

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District benefit you?

For only $250 dollars a year, residents of Emerald Hills get a much greater level of security and protection. The funds are primarily used to pay off-duty Hollywood Police Officers for a private detail.

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