Minutes: July 30, 2019

Minutes: July 30, 2019

Minutes of the


July 30, 2019 6:00PM-7:10 PM

Driftwood Community Center

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM

1)    ROLL CALL – Board members present were:

Keith Kotrady

Andrew Cagnetta.
Charles Flaxman

Rob Posner
Sandra Veszi Einhorn – absent

Other people – Karen Lieberman, Attorney

No members of the public present.   

2)  Motion of minutes of July 9, 2019 approved.

3)  Website update – Discussed using better photo for homepage – possible color photo of district map and superimposing Emerald Hills sign. Discussed requirements for website and content for postcard mailer. Charlie Flaxman and Andy Cagnetta will upload all of the minutes of past meetings once website is active.  Andy Cagnetta will locate survey to get legal description required for website.


4) Form 1 – members will submit if not already done.

5) Insurance update – Policies have been renewed for another year expiring on 8/1/20

6) Signs – Discussed abandoning installing signs due to excessive regulations and maybe considering installing cameras since the camera company has ability to better navigate the regulations.

7)  Adjourn – The meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.   No meeting on 8/6/19. Next meetings:  9/12/19 at Oak Lake Community Center and 9/25/19 at Oak Lake Community Center.