Benefits of EHSED

Benefits of EHSED

What value are we receiving by having The District?

The District provides the funding and operation of an off-duty Hollywood Police security detail that patrols within the boundaries of the District. This is a supplemental layer of security for our neighborhood. The Detail is a deterrent for crime in the neighborhood. The Detail is staffed by a limited number of City of Hollywood Police sworn officers who are learning our neighborhood and able to employ community policing.

What is the Detail?

The primary use of funds collected by The District is to pay Hollywood Police Officers who are off-duty to staff a private Detail within the boundaries of The District. The Detail is managed by a Hollywood Police Department Detail Manager who is a sworn officer. The hours of operation are governed by The District Board and reviewed with the Detail Manager to assess that appropriate coverage is maintained.

What are the hours of operation?

The primary hours of operation are Mon-Sat from 8a-4p. As this is a private detail, actual hours and days covered may vary based on HPD operations.

Why doesn’t the Detail cover night time hours?

The primary hours of Detail operation were determined in consultation with the HPD Detail Manager and Neighborhood Team Lead. All involved reviewed available CrimeStat information to assess that the Detail cover hours when historical crime activity has occurred. While we would prefer to have 24/7 operations, the hours are limited by funds available and officer availability to staff the detail. The current hours and days represents the best available combination based on those factors.

I am going on vacation, should I inform the Detail?

Yes. Please contact the officer during Detail hours. They maintain a vacation log and can document cars that are expected to be in the driveway and any expected visits to your property during the vacation period. This will help the officer determine if activity on your property is unusual.

Can I use the duty phone as part of my alarm response?

Yes. The Duty phone may be added to your call tree with your alarm service so that the patrolling detail officer (if on-duty and not otherwise engaged) can respond to your alarm.

I have a safety concern, should I call the Detail?

In case of emergency, Hollywood Police always advise that you immediately call 9-1-1. Otherwise, absolutely call the officer on duty if you have a concern or question about safety issues in our neighborhood – that’s why we have the patrol. This will also help officers understand our neighborhood and be able to employ community policing techniques.

Why doesn’t the District email us updates and provide more information?

The District is governed by Florida Sunshine laws which would allow anyone to request the personal contact information collected by the District. Therefore the Board has determined that the District website is the best way to provide information about the District.